Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In Italy

It is a very common occurrence to be walking in Rome and turn a corner to see something old and famous and entirely too big in its reputation and reach and perspective for the piazza that it's situated in. The Spanish Steps could easily be missed if you are bent on getting to the metro stop near their base.  As could the square where the Trevi Fountain is is hidden away so effectively.

Equally common is turning an unknown corner and seeing something you have heard about your whole life but never really understood or imagined. The Pantheon was this way for me. I knew what the Parthenon in Athens was, but the Pantheon was vague and too closely named to have an identity of its own.

It sort of horrifies me now that I was was so naive. But how could I understand how big the pantheon is without being there? All the pictures in the world cannot do it justice. As is true for most of the places I've been.

I have loved my time here with my family. I wish I had more time to blog.

Roma. Orvieto. San Gimgiono. Sienna. Florence. Montecatini. Bologna. Venice. It's been a lovely time. My perspective has changed. I can see the big things a little bit better and not get so clouded by the small ones. But grateful that I am still taking pictures, literally and figuratively.

Ciao, Italia.


heidikins said...

Cannot WAIT to hear all about it!


Britt said...

Sooooo glad you got to go!

I keep reading about your trip in Amy's SDBBE book and writing, "You are there right now!"

Isabel said...

Can't wait to hear and SEE more!

(I hadn't even thought about checking your blog until right now. DUH!)

Are you home now?