Friday, July 11, 2014

Randomalities - July Edition

  • I put blond highlights in my hair about a month ago. I hates them, Precious. I always like when my hair is dark, not light, so what was I thinking? (Well, what I was thinking is I wanted to get my hair done, but I was being cheap and so I thought, hey, highlights are at least something. [But a sucky something, I'm finding out.] And so with it being summer and the pool visits and swimming that go along with it, I thought it would be good to do them) Now I want summer to be over so I can go and get my hair colored nice and dark. That feels so far away.
  • I was the photographer at my brother and new sister-in-law's wedding. It was horribly stressful. But sort of fun. I learned a lot. I was super glad I took a bunch of photos of the kids before the wedding started; I could see what worked and what didn't with the setting of the wedding. They got married under a tree, so I had to use the flash, which I usually avoid using. Furthermore, I kept thinking I was done, or moving into the sunlight and pushing down the flash only to move back into the shade and subsequently forgetting my flash wasn't up. (Thank heaven for photo editing software!) I was pretty happy with most of the shots, and particularly proud of a couple. The worst moment? When I realized, after the bride had come walked down the aisle, that my camera was on manual. Those 10 shots were all pure white. I was sick about it (I sort of still am.) You learn more from your mistakes than your successes, right?
  • My kids are taking diving lessons this summer. It is cool watching them learn something new. Most of what they have done is learning jumps and approaches; sort of boring, but they are working hard.
  • Thomas is almost taller than me. He grows every single day, I swear. And his hands are bigger than mine. What is happening?
  • I've been wanting a "gig" for a while - you know, just something on the side, not my main job, but a way to earn some extra money. Last year when I was saving for Italy, I found a website who needed writers. It took almost a year, but I finally got to the top of their waiting list and started writing for them in May. It isn't glamorous (I've written about granite countertops, screen doors, nail salons, and other random items) but hey, it's some extra money. And sorta fun. When I write a lot, my brain works better for some reason.
  • I'm officially 39. I've got to commemorate this year somehow.
  • Ragnar happened. But it was the highest of highs, the lowest of lows. I had a flat out tantrum at the finish line, got three blisters, one black toenail, and three tubes of my beloved Ragnar chapstick. I took very few pictures. My heart just wasn't in it this year. I think I am retiring for a while. Which makes me sad because Ragnar is summer now.
  • I went running today. I forgot to start my running watch, so when I looked down to see how long I'd been running and how far, it showed nothing. It was sort of liberating. This has been a really hard running year; my body feels sluggish, I'm slow, my breathing sucks, I'm taking walk breaks. Somehow, realizing that I wasn't being timed, that I didn't have to berate myself for another slow run was just what I needed. I took my time, my mental attitude changed, and the run was great. I was still slow and sluggish and wheezy, but I finished happier than I have of late. Maybe I should try that more often. 
And, because I'm random, here are some random pics.
Thomas took this pic. I love it so much! (But not the highlights...)

He is so handsome.

My favorite photo from the wedding. I love the heart they are making with their arms.
 Shane with his dad, sons, and nephew. 8 months ago, this picture would have been impossible. It makes my heart happy.
 What is random in your life?


Feisty Harriet said...

So many wonderful things about this post!! I love that first photo...and the next one...and the wedding one...and the last one. Like I said, so many things.

Lunch soon?