Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Game of Thrones: All that I don't want to forget

It has been a long summer. I started watching Game of Thrones (I hope we can still be friends!) in May or so, and loved the shows. But I had so many questions about who all the characters were, and what their history was, and what was really happening in the story. Plus, after I read Amy's review, I was intrigued. So, on July 7th, I started reading the books.

Holy cow. Never have I felt so....detached from a story that I am seriously interested in. George RR Martin makes no qualms about killing off characters - major, minor, meh, doesn't matter. I think it's a sort of fatalistic/realistic view of things: sometimes the hero who believes in honor just doesn't live. It happens that way in real life, right? But I'm not used to it in books.

Now, five books, more than 3,000 pages later, I'm finally finished. It was a race to the end; I needed to finish them and move on to something else (which makes me sound like I hate them; I don't, I just couldn't keep reading 900+ page books each month. My family was tired of seeing my nose in another damn book, I tell you.) One thing I know for 100% is this: I can't go back and re-read them in preparation for the 6th and 7th books, which have yet to have release dates. So, I'm giving myself a cheat sheet. Below is the fate (by the end of the 4th/5th book, as some characters finished their story in book 4. A Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons cover the same time period; half of the characters are in FfC, the other half are in DwD, and then a few creep in at the end to of DwD to make the story flow.)

If you are a fan of the series and don't want to be spoiled, don't keep reading. The books do not follow the TV series, but certain characters endure, so what I know from the books and what you know from the show may be different. I am only in season 2 of the TV series, and I know that things are different on the show.

I cannot promise that what I write regarding any one character will:

a- make sense
b- be in complete sentences
c- be grammatically correct.

Feel free to comment. I plan on updating this post regularly, until I finish with as many characters as I deem necessary.

If you are a fan of GOT, let me know. After all, winter is coming. And, you have to know your name, even if, like Jon Snow, you know nothing.

Cersei: She is seriously one of the most evil characters in all of literature. She has no sense of anything outside of herself. Cersei is awaiting trial for treason because she conspired with the Kettleback to bring down Margaery. She sent a letter to Jamie asking him to come to her defense, but Jamie ignored it and threw it in the fire. She confessed her sins, did a walk of shame naked through the streets of Kings Landing only to fall into the arms of a rescuer who is 8 feet tall (the Mountain? but wasn't his head sent to Dorne? He was experimented on with poison in Qyburn's dungeons.

Kevan Lannister - was serving as Hand for Tommen, was killed by the eunoch because he didn't believe the stories of Aegon being still alive. Died the same way as Tywin, with a cross bow to the gut.

Margaery - on house arrest.  Her father was able to release her from the Septon's dungeons but she will be tried for her supposed treasons agains Tommen as well. She asked for a potion that is usually used as an abortifacent (moon tea) from Pycell, and Cersei found out. Cersei was using Kettleback to say that he and other men, including a fool/singer that Cersei tortured into a confession, had been allegedly sleeping with Margaery behind Tommen's back (but I don't believe it.). Margaery's father Mace Tyrell is in Kings Landing. Her brother may be dead, after the injury he took during his battle at Dragonstone. Were she & Loras like Cersei & Jamie? I wonder.

Jamie - went off into the wild after his adventure getting back to Kings Landing with Brienne of Tarth. Solved the seige at Riverrun, giving the castle to his uncle Frey (who is also married to his favorite aunt, a Lannister, sister to his father and Kevan.) Was angry at Tyrion's allegations (which are mostly true) about Cersei sleeping with the Kettlebacks, and Lancel. Received a letter from Cersei asking him to come back to King's Landing, which he burned. Solved another seige dispute, then headed back to Kings Landing. Took a hostage, a young boy. Ran into Brienne, who told him she had a Stark girl who was being threatened by the Hound. Went with Brienne, who was believed dead (hung by the returned Catelyn Stark, who gave Brienne the choice between hanging and killing Jamie; Brienne must have chose life.) But I don't think Jamie is dead, even though he hasn't been heard from since he went off with Brienne.

Tyrion - has now signed on with the Second Son's, a company of sellswords outside the walls of Mereen. He was sold as a slave after being captured at sea by a slaver ship, along with Penny the dwarf and Jorah Mormont. He caught site of Dany during his performance in the slave pits, as well as Barristan, the old knight from King's Landing. Tyrion is wishing he had stayed with Aegon and Jon Griffin. Ben Plumb, who betrayed Dany by going over to the Yunkai, is in the Second Son's company and knows who Tyrion is. He gets Tyrion to agree to pay a ransom to Ben Plumb for not turning over Tyrion's head (or any other body parts!) to Cersei.Is still technically married to Sansa. Narrowly avoided greyscale, and still hopes to find Tysha, his first wife who he was told was a prostitute, which was a lie told him by Jamie and Tywin (which is why Tyrion killed Tywin in the first place.)