Friday, November 4, 2016

Right Now Gratitude - Day 2

Strangely enough, as I get older, my kids are tending to as well. Gone are the days when I could get them in bed before 9 and have some time to watch a show that wasn't kid approved or friendly. A couple of years ago, we started watching Modern Family together, and it's become both a standby and a shorthand. Most of us can come up with a MF quote in almost any situation. But it's hard to find shows that we can all watch together.

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy one of my favorite scenes from Modern Family.

For today, my right now gratitude is the nights that Shane, Ben, and I sit together and watch a show together. If we start a show, then I'm more likely to get engaged and put down my phone for the duration, as opposed to watching reruns of HGTV where I don't. I love when we are all actively watching, and then at the end are excited to watch the next week.

This year, we've started watching two shows, Timeless and This is Us. And while Thomas is usually entertaining himself on his Xbox, Ben watches these with us. Timeless is pretty good; the writing isn't stellar, but the story is easy and, since it's about time travel, Ben really looks forward to it. This is Us might be a bit grown-up for Ben, but he's still game to watch it. It's the show that I look forward to watching most each week.

What shows do you watch? Are there any that you watch all together?