Saturday, November 5, 2016

Right now gratitude - day 3

I didn't grow up in a very political party. I think there was a time when we leaned Democrat for the mere fact that my dad worked for US Steel, and therefore belonged to a union. But as far as being party loyal or believing one party was inherently better than another? Yeah, there was none of that.

What I mostly remember is my parents voting for the person. Frequently, their votes would cancel each other out. Probably many of their beliefs cancelled each other out, too; my mom's feminist slant was evened out by the NRA card in my dad's wallet. With the way I was raised, I didn't realize how passionate people could be about their political party. I was short of shocked when I became a teenager and I had a friend who was ultra Republican - she not only believed that her party was right, she also believed that everyone else was wrong. That kind of absolutism - I just couldn't relate. (In case you wondered - I am a moral relativist. Nice to meet you. Please don't be offended.)

So now, without talking about any of the candidates specifically, I want to put this semi-political post out to the world, just so that if I ever want to look back and wonder what I was doing during this crazy, f-ed up election, I can remember. I have hated this election more than any I've ever been through. I'm disgusted and semi-traumatized at some of the events, particularly the ones that occurred early in October. I feel...overwhelmed at our future, because we are so divided, and everyone wants to point fingers and blame and shout how wrong the other person is for their opinion and beliefs. It's all just shit. America, I love you but you've got some issues. Have you considered therapy?

I'm so grateful that it will be over in 3 days. Even if the worst-case scenario happens (you pick! Both candidates, according to the other side, are going to cause the world to end as we know it.) I want to wake up on November 9 and know that we are still super divided and half of us are unhappy and know that whoever won, we did this to ourselves. And so then we can start the clock for the next 4 year cycle to conclude and then, hopefully, God-willing, please-oh-please-oh-PLEASE we will have someone who can end whatever madness we endured.

And, because I think it's funny, and, because even though I wasn't going to talk about it, I'm going to include this video plea to Ivanka Trump. It's hilarious. Sorry for the swears and bad words it includes. It's just so timely.