Monday, December 29, 2008

Books 2008

My sister Amy and I set out to blog about every book we read this year. Well, I was going over my list of books (because, you know, I have an Excel list of every book I’ve read each year since 2002. I’m anal like that!) and I realized that I haven’t blogged about most of them. So, in a manner that I 100% acknowledge as cheating, here are the books that I read that I didn’t blog about.

From SDBBE round 2

  • The Birth House (my pick)
  • How to be Good
  • Water for Elephants
  • The Bonesetters Daughter

Then in round 3:

  • The Good Fairies of New York (my first pick; didn’t force others to read it out of the kindness of my heart)
  • The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets (the replacement for Fairies; see above!)
  • Hi Fidelity
  • The other two (A Midwife’s Story and Dandelion Wine) I think I blogged about.

I also read Hunger Games, which I’m dying to write about, but probably won’t for a bit (if you are at all interested, READ IT!!) In all, I finished 28 books this year, which is about average for me. I also started an additional 7 books that sucked so I didn’t finish them (it's hard to not finish, but also hard to put the time in on some!)

Whew. Got that out of the way. I can’t say how much I’ve liked being in SDBBE. You should join! It changes the way you read forever, especially when such awesome people are involved as the people I've met in my groups. It makes reading fun. I now have to constrain myself from writing smart-alec comments in library books. I have Britt to thank for that!

Anyway, here’s to a 2009 full of more books. I hope.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed SDBBE. I've had so much fun reading everyone's comments. Some of the books are just awful (I'm reading two right now that are pretty bad), but when you have an awesome group, it doesn't matter that the book sucks!

Jeanette said...

I was intrigued so I went to see what SDBBE is and I am so in love with the idea!!! You have no clue how excited it made me!

I am going to blog about this, when I have time, I hope you come read it so you will know why this is so touching to me. =)

Thomas Family said...

I am glad we got to visit with each other the past few days during Christmas, it was good to see you like 3 times in one week!! Wow, that doesn't happen often anymore.. I wish it would though.. :) I miss it.. So are you going to the baby blessing?? I was supposed to work, but I got it off so we are planning on going if the weather is ok. Since we only have a car and no 4 wheel.. It might be tricky, we even played with the idea of going up on Saturday and staying in a hotel??
Talk to you soon. I love you!!