Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter a go-go

Gotta put some pictures out from Easter.
My cute family!

My mom and most of my nieces and nephews.

Me, Amy, my mom, and my sister Michele.

Before church. My boys got Easter clothes. Thomas was so proud in his suit. They were so good in church; if I had known that the source of church-restlessness was not having church clothes, I'd have bought them centuries ago. They loved having church shoes almost as much as their clothes.

Cute boys in my dad's yard. So sad he can't take care of it anymore.
Stuff I don't want to forget about Easter this year:
  • I made the cheese potatoes. First time for me! They weren't too bad, but I like them better when someone else makes them.
  • My niece Lyndsay announcing an arrival to come in December. I'm so excited!
  • The first Easter without my dad being there. I missed him a lot. I will go and see him soon.
  • Eating egg-salad sandwiches with Vonnay. We were so glad to visit with her for lunch!
  • Sitting in church with very well-dressed and well-behaved boys. Lucky me!
  • Using a lot of exclamation points in this post!
  • Still going strong without the Dr. Pepper. I can't decide what to do....
  • The annual Easter-egg hunt at my moms. It is fun to watch my kids getting older. They aren't the littlest kids around anymore, which is strange.

Did you have a good Easter? What will you remember?


Lucy said...

Love all the pictures! What a discovery that well-dressed boys means better behaved boys. I guess I'm going to have to upgrade to tuxedos for Henry!

Just give up the Dr. Pepper. You've already gone through the anger, denial, grieving stages. Sounds like you are at acceptance. Roll with it!

Amy Sorensen said...

I agree with Lucy: you've done the hard work. Stay away from the Dr. P. (Unless you're in the throes of a self-hatred binge. Then Dr. P. is OK!) Love your photos!