Sunday, April 11, 2010

Building stairs: a tutorial

First, you need to have a house that you built in 2000.  You have to decide to "wait a few months" to put on the back deck/stairs out your bedroom doors.  You know, because it will get done eventually.

Or, 10 years later when a building inspector/home buyer requires that they be built you decide it would be nice to be able to go out your doors.  So start with that kind of a house.

Buy some wood at Lowes.  Bring it home and wait for morning to start the fun.  Make sure you have 3 hot guys to help.

Start to build. Take the siding off the bottom part of the house. Let everyone in the family pitch in to help.

Attach the risers to the support board.  Attach another support board to the house. Write your names, ages, and the date on the back of the support board with a Sharpie.  Start to cry because you realize that even though your names will stay, your family won't. 

Attach the stairs to the house.  Crying stops, work resumes.

Attach the treads, build a railing, open the door that used to open onto nothing, then sit back and enjoy your new stairs.  Which will be yours for (possibly) less than a month.

Find a cute neighbor girl to pose with your son.  Realize they are already enjoying your day's effort.

I'm not the only one who has projects that have been put off for a decade, right?


Amy Sorensen said...

I have some drapes mom helped me make while we were building our house in 1993.

They are still in my linen closet.

Yep. I get it!

I'm glad you took pictures! Did you take pics of the front yet? Just to have? You should, although I did say that before! ;)

Lucy said...


When we sold our house in Spokane, it finally looked the way I wanted it about 2 months before we moved. Rooms painted, flooring changed, bedspread bought. It's exhausting and I've often wished I had the personality and determination to make it so from the beginning.

Fingers crossed for you!

Apryl said...

We had to sell the old house before the garage got cleaned out. Yeah. Right there with you...

Jeff & Kayci said...

yay for projects:) I'm sorry I never comment anymore, I haven't had a computer for about 3 weeks:( But I have it for the moment. I had no idea you were selling your house!! Fill us in on what happens! Sure do miss you too. You and your family, (or Amy) should come up after Lucy is born. Only 7 (hopefully 5) weeks left:)