Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rules, shmules.

So last week I found out that the folks at Ragnar (who are sponsoring the relay race I'm doing in 15 days!!) has banned headphones.

Crickets chirping. 

Seriously, no headphones?  I'm running 3 different legs.  While it's true I don't listen every moment of a run, I do like the choice to listen if I want to.  But, where there's a will, there's a way, and one of our group members found a way.

I just bought these.  Take that, stupid no-headphone-rule.  Now everyone on the trail will know what lame music I listen to.  But, I'll be able to listen to it.  Yay!!!


Anonymous said...

I need some!!

I've always been paranoid to run with headphones because I'm afraid I won't hear the person sneaking up behind me who wants to assault me.

Amy Sorensen said...

Teee heeee!

I watched the movie Bridewars the other day (I think that's what it's called) and there's a line in it that makes me laugh, something about runners who run with iPods being people who can't be alone with their own thoughts.

I used to run all the time without music. Now that I have gotten over the same fear that Britt has, I don't know how I ever did it. I guess I CAN'T be alone with my own thoughts. Mostly because my thoughts while I am running are "I can't keep going, I want to stop right now, how long have I been running, is it time to stop yet, it's got to be time to stop now, I can't keep going..." etc.


WHY no headphones on a Ragnar?

Isabel said... this a new rule? How can people run sans music? CRAZY.

Hooray for breakin' the rules!

Isabel said...

Also...LOVE the new look of the blog.

Apryl said...

HOW CAN THEY BAN HEADPHONES? Sure, I only use them 1/2 the time, but how else can you listen to that awesome "Europe" song when you need a burst of energy at the end????
(The Final Countdown!!!!)

Becky K said...

So, an update for you all: they just changed the rules yesterday to allow headphones. You know, after I'd already ordered the speaker ones. And after the spreakers had already shipped.

The story of my life. But, at least I can return them.

And Apryl, the Europe song always reminds me of Rockband. I think we had to play it over and over once to get through a gig. Fun times. :)