Friday, July 15, 2011

Non-rock-star status = Denial

My family has a few traditions.  Mostly involve food (cheese potatoes at Christmas, brown rice at barbecues, Brussels sprout casserole at Thanksgiving), but one is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It comes around but once a year, and it has been something that my mom and sisters and I have done since the 1980s.

Well, until this year.

You see, everyone got rock-star status this one.  Haley is on the fashion board, so she and Amy went last Saturday (and got 15% off the sale prices = rock star status #1.)  My mom, Suzette, and other nieces went on Tuesday.  I imagine them sitting in a private dressing room, sipping on faux-champagne while skinny, fabulous people model the clothes that they want to buy.  (This is probably not the reality, but this is what my non-rock-star status mind comes up with.)  It appears my sister's 4 daughters have helped her spend enough over the last few years at the sale to enable their cool new status.

And then there's me.  No early invite to the sale.  No fashion board inclusion.  Just boring old Becky, who is sitting around today and trying NOT to the think of the fabulous shopping that is going on merely 58 blocks away.  I'm in denial that I'm not missing out on anything (well, except for that really cute bracelet, but I know it was $129 and I also know I won't spend that kind of money on a bracelet. Maybe 3 bracelets, but not 1.).  And since I've looked at the sale catalogue and looked at every shirt on sale online, I know I'm not really missing out on anything but the best part of the sale: the tradition part.  The part where I search everyone out at the store, because they arrived hours before me.  The part where I find some things to try on and join a sister/mom/niece in their dressing room to see if I like and/or want to spend the money to take those things home.  I miss the going to lunch afterwards part, the stowing of bags underneath the table. I miss the critiquing of jeans and shirts that I would do with Amy and Jacqui and Lyndsay.  I miss visiting finding Suzette who has been stuck in a room for hours amidst piles and piles of clothes for her daughters.  I miss bringing some things home for Shane that I'll tuck away for Christmas presents. 

I miss you guys.  Maybe one day I will be cool like you.  And I still love you, even with your new rock-star status.  Hmph.


Jeff and Kayci said...

Good post. I've missed it too. And this was supposed to be my year to go, but alas I'm still in Nordstrom-less Pocatello. Next year should be the year...

Amy Sorensen said...

I sure hope you can forgive me. It was a little bit rockstar-ish, but only barely. Plus, really really really, you didn't miss ANYTHING as far as clothes goes! It was sort of disappointing.

That said, I missed the tradition, too! Next year we will do it!

Apryl said...

What I fun tradition! Can I whine about how we don't even HAVE a tradition like this? And I have three sisters! (We are all so different. The thought of all of us in Nordstroms together is hilarious.) I'll go to Nordstroms with you ANYTIME.

Anonymous said...

I miss the tradition too :( this year was different and I didn't enjoy it much.. Next year the tradition will live on!

Thomas Family said...

Don't worry Beck, I too was not invited, but it seems to be the tradition these days.. Oh well, I have learned to live with it I guess..
I love you!! :)