Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February love number 10

(Again - forgive formatting. Stipid tiny keys.) (Also, I do love me some parentheticals of late.) So, I have to say that i have prided myself on the fact that I never get the flu. In the fall, when everyone is running to get their flu shots I roll my eyes and think, whatever is so bad about the flu? I never feel feverish or achy or anything of the sort. I do make sure my kids get immunized, but me? Eh. However, I think I have to eat a little crow. I got hit hard with some sort of bug last night that knocked me right on my butt. I felt hot. Then I felt cold. My head was pounding and I just wanted my bed. I stayed home today, never getting out of my pajamas all day until a few minutes ago when I took a hot shower, put on clean jammies, and got into my bed which Shane had just remade for me with clean sheets. Does anything in this world feel better than clean sheets after spending the day in bed being sick? I am just going to to go out on a limb and say nope, nope there isn't. Clean sheets. What is not to love?